Lavori del Gruppo di Fisica Matematica in cronologia inversa, 1999

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  • G.Gallavotti, F.Perroni: An experimental test of the local fluctuation theorem in chains of weakly interacting Anosov systems FM 99-8, (last update 2 september 1999), sommario, and sorgente
  • G.Gentile: Diagrammatic techniques in perturbations theory, and applications FM 99-7, (last update 12 july 1999), sommario, and sorgente
  • F.Bonetto, G.Gentile: On a conjecture for the critical behaviour of KAM tori FM 99-6, (last update 7 july 1999), sommario, and sorgente
  • G. Gallavotti: Quasi periodic motions from Hipparchus to Kolmogorov FM 99-5, (last update 15 marzo 2000), sommario, and sorgente
  • L. Chierchia, E. Valdinoci: A note on the construction of Hamiltonian trajectories along heteroclinic chains, FM 99-4, (last updated: feb 99); in print on "Forum MathXFematicum" sommario, and sorgente
  • G. Gallavotti: Ergodic and chaotic hypotheses: nonequilibrium ensembles in statistical mechanics and turbulence, FM 99-3, mp_arc 99-176, chao-dyn 9805026 (updated May 16, 1999); sommario, sorgente.
  • E.G.D. Cohen, G. Gallavotti: Note on Two Theorems in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics FM 99-2, Journal of Statistical Physics, 96, 1343--1349, 1999, (mp_arc 99-88, cond-mat 9903418), sommario, sorgente

  • G. V. Mastropietro: Anomalous BCS equation for a Luttinger superconductor FM 99-1 sommario, sorgente