Lavori del Gruppo di Fisica Matematica in cronologia inversa, 2001

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  • Alberto Berretti, Guido Gentile Renormalization Group and Field Theoretic Techniques for the Analysis of the Lindstedt Series, FM 01-15, october 2001, sommario, and sorgente.
  • Alberto Berretti, Guido Gentile Periodic and quasi-periodic orbits for the standard map, FM 01-14, october 2001, sommario,and sorgente.
  • V. Mastropietro Arnold diffusion and the D'Alembert precession problem, FM 01-13, october 2001, sommario,
  • V. Mastropietro Peierls istability with electron-electron interaction: the commensurate case, FM 01-12, october 2001, sommario,
  • V. Mastropietro Incommensurate Charge Density Waves in the adiabatic Hubbard-Holstein model, FM 01-11, october 2001, sommario,
  • G. Benfatto, V. Mastropietro On the density-density critical indices in interacting Fermi systems., FM 01-10, october 2001, sommario,
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Fermi and ergodic theory, FM 2001-9, version 1.0, october 2001, Proceedings, ``Enrico Fermi and the Universe of Physics'', Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Ed. C. Bernardini, L. Bonolis, G. Ghisu, D. Savelli, L. Falera, Enea, 29/9-1/10-2001, ISBN: 88-8286-032-9 sommario, and sorgente.
  • G. Gallavotti, J.L. Lebowitz, V. Mastropietro: Large deviations in rarefied quantum gases, FM 2001-8 version 1.0, june 2001, sommario, and sorgente.
  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Guido Gentile: Hyperbolic low-dimensional invariant tori and summations of divergent series, FM 2001-7 version 1.1, december 2001, sommario, and sorgente.
  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Federico Bonetto, Guido Gentile: Aspects of the ergodic, qualitative and statistical theory of motion, PDF (English version 3.4: Ch*.pdf, 412 pages), FM 2001-6; last updating, 17 novembre 2009, and Table of contents, and Errata-Corrige Authors are grateful to Springer-Verlag for the permission to put on this web page this book: it can be freely dowloaded for personal use. The book has been printed by Springer-Verlag (apriil 2004) and it can be found in the online catalog at Springer--Verlag .
  • M. V. Bartuccelli, G. Gentile , K.V. Georgiou: On the Stability of the Upside-Down Pendulum with Damping FM 2001-5 (versione 1.1; 1 may 2001) sommario,
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Determinismo e caos: un antico dualismo oggi FM 2001-4 (versione 1.1; 12 may 2001) sommario,
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Intermittency and time arrow in statistical mechanics and turbulence FM 2001-3 (versione 1.0; 1 may 2001) sommario, and sorgente
  • F. Bonetto, J.L. Lebowitz: Thermodynamic entropy production fluctuation in a two dimensional shear flow model FM 2001-2 sommario, and sorgente>
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Nonequilibrium statistics and time arrow FM 2001-1 (versione 1.0; 1 march 2001) sommario, and sorgente>