Lavori del Gruppo di Fisica Matematica in cronologia inversa, 2004

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  • Ergodic Theory book (link)

  • A. Giuliani, F. Zamponi, G. Gallavotti Fluctuation Relation beyond Linear Response Theory, FM 2004-11, math.DS/0405420, mp_arc 04-159, Journal of statistical physics, 119, 909-944,2005, Sommario, e Sorgente
  • F. Bonetto and H. Matzinger: Fluctuations Of The Longest Common Subsequence In The Asymmetric Case Of 2- And 3-Letter Alphabets , FM 2004-10, 25 Ottobre, 2004, Abstract

  • G. Gentile and M. Procesi: Conservation of resonant periodic solutions for the one-dimensional nonlinear Schroedinger equation , FM 2004-9, 30 Settembre, 2004, v. 1.1, Abstract
  • A. Giuliani and V. Mastropietro: Anomalous critical exponents in the anisotropic Ashkin--Teller model , FM 2004-8, 9 Settembre, 2004, v. 1.1, Abstract
  • G. Benfatto and V. Mastropietro: Ward identities and Chiral anomaly in the Luttinger liquid , FM 2004-7, 3 Settembre, 2004, v. 1.1, Abstract
  • G.Gallavotti and G. Gentile: Degenerate elliptic resonances , FM 2004-6, 12 ottobre, 2004, v. 1.2, Abstract
  • M. Bartuccelli, A. Berretti, J. Deane, G. Gentile, S. Gourley: Periodic orbits and scaling laws for a driven damped quartic oscillator , FM 2004-5, 29 Aprile, 2004 Abstract
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Fluctuation theorem revisited,FM 2004-4, 29 Aprile 2004, versione 0.1 sommario
  • Giovanni Gallavotti: Entropy production in nonequilibrium stationary states: a point of view, a further extension of a echnical paper from which the paper Physical Review E, 69, 035104 (+4) has been extracted, versione 0.3, published in Chaos, september 2004 sommario
  • A. Giuliani, V. Mastropietro: Anomalous universality in the Anisotropic Ashkin--Teller model , FM 2004-3, 31 Marzo, 2004 Abstract
  • Guido Gentile, Vieri Mastropietro and Michela Procesi Periodic solutions for completely resonant nonlinear wave equations , FM 2004-2, 27 Febbraio, 2004, Abstract
  • G. Gallavotti: Comments on "On the application of the Gallavotti--Cohen fluctuation relation to thermostatted steady states near equilibrium" by Evans, Searles, Rondoni in cond-mat/0312353 (third resubmission), FM 2004-1, 27 Febbraio, 2004 Abstract
  • A paper on fluctuations in nonequilibrium (the paper has been downloaded from cond-mat/0312353 as submitted to PRE) which criticizes the work by Cohen and Gallavotti on the fluctuation theorem and some letters exchanged with one of the Authors. 14-19 gen. 2004, which hopefully also clarify the relationship between the work criticized by the above paper and others, see for instance the paper published in J. Stat. Phys.96, 1343--1349, 1999. The discussion continues on the new version (third resubmission) of the "same" paper A new version of the paper and Further letters exchanged with one of the Authors. 25-26 feb. 2004. and more Comments

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