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  • Giovanni Gallavotti: The Elements of Mechanics, (pdf, version 1.5) 594 pag., 6.1 Mb, (djvu version 1.5) 4.2 Mb, Preface & Index, II English edition, Copyright with the Author, freely downloadable. Please point out errors (the book has been converted into a file from an electronic scan). This is version 1.3 (pdf), 1.2 (djvu).


  • Livia Corsi, Guido Gentile, Michela Procesi KAM theory in configuration space and cancellations in the Lindstedt series . FM 14-09 Sommario

  • Guido Gentile Construction of quasi-periodic response solutions in forced strongly dissipative systems . FM 13-09 Sommario

  • Michele V. Bartuccelli, Jonathan H.B. Deane, Guido Gentile, and Frank Schilder Arnold tongues for a resonant injection-locked frequency divider: analytical and numerical results . FM 12-09 Sommario

  • Guido Gentile Quasi-periodic motions in dynamical systems. Review of a renormalisation group approach . FM 11-09 Sommario

  • Marcello Porta Fluctuation Theorem, non linear response and the regularity of time reversal symmetry . FM 10-09, Sommario

  • J.P. Francoise, P.L. Garrido, G.Gallavotti Pendulum, Elliptic Functions and Relative Cohomology Classes . FM 09-09, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 51, 032901, 2010, doi: 10.1063/1.3316076 Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Errico Presutti Thermodynamic limit for isokinetic thermostats . FM 08-09, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giuseppe Benfatto and Vieri Mastropietro Universality relations in non-solvable quantum spin chains . FM 07-09; mp_arc 09-116 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Joel L. Lebowitz, Elliott H. Lieb Modulated phases of a 1D sharp interface model in a magnetic field . FM 06-09; arXiv:0905.3758 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro Rigorous construction of ground state correlations in graphene: renormalization of the velocities and Ward Identities . FM 05-09; arXiv:0901.4867; Phys. Rev. B 79, 201403(R) (2009) Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Errico Presutti Frictionless thermostats and intensive constants of motion . FM 04-09, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Errico Presutti Nonequilibrium, thermostats and thermodynamic limit . FM 03-09, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Errico Presutti Thermodynamic limit of Isoenergetic and Hamiltonian Thermostats . FM 02-09, Sommario and Sorgente

  • Guido Gentile Quasi-periodic motions in strongly dissipative forced systems, FM 01-09, Sommario and Sorgente

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