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  • Giovanni Gallavotti: The Elements of Mechanics, (pdf, version 1.4) 594 pag., 6.1 Mb, (djvu version 1.5) 4.2 Mb, Preface & Index, II English edition, Copyright with the Author, freely downloadable. Please point out errors (the book has been converted into a file from an electronic scan). This is version 1.3 (pdf), 1.2 (djvu).


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  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Marcello Porta Lattice gauge theory model for graphene. FM 8-10; arXiv:1005.2528. Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Entropia e irreversibilità, FM 7-10; Sommario, Trasparenze

  • Marcello Porta, Sergio Simonella Borel summability of φ44 planar theory via multiscale analysis. FM 6-10; arXiv:1002.2221. Sommario

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  • Pierluigi Falco Vector and Axial anomaly in the Thirring-Wess model. FM 1-10; arxiv:1001.4994. Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti
    Alessandro Giuliani