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  • Ludwig Boltzmann: Links to "Wissenshaftliche Abhandlungen" and to "Populäre Schriften"
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    "Populäre Schriften"


  • Niels Benedikter, Vojkan Jaksic, Marcello Porta, Chiara Saffirio, Benjamin Schlein Mean-field Evolution of Fermionic Mixed States. FM 14-14; arXiv:1411.0843 Sommario

  • Michele Bartuccelli, Jonathan Deane, Guido Gentile The high-order Euler method and the spin-orbit model . FM 13-14; arXiv:1410.5982 Sommario

  • K. Aoki, M. Pulvirenti, S. Simonella, T. Tsuji Backward Clusters, Hierarchy and Wild Sums for a Hard Sphere System in a Low-Density Regime. FM 12-14; arXiv:1408.6571 Sommario

  • J. Wright, J. Deane, M. Bartuccelli, G. Gentile Basins of attraction in forced systems with time-varying dissipation . FM 11-14; arXiv:1407.0556 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Fabio Lucio Toninelli Height fluctuations in interacting dimers. FM 10-14; arXiv:1406.7710 Sommario

  • Mario Pulvirenti, Sergio Simonella The Boltzmann-Grad Limit of a Hard Sphere System: Analysis of the Correlation Error. FM 09-14; arXiv:1405.4676 Sommario

  • Serena Cenatiempo, Alessandro Giuliani Renormalization theory of a two dimensional Bose gas: quantum critical point and quasi-condensed state. FM 08-14; arXiv:1404.5233 Sommario

  • Michele Correggi, Alessandro Giuliani, Robert Seiringer Validity of spin wave theory for the quantum Heisenberg model. FM 07-14; arXiv:1404.4717 Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Grafici di Feynman: da artificio computazionale a rappresentazione della natura delle cose FM 06-14, arxiv: Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti Renormalization group and divergences FM 05-14, arxiv:1405.5672, Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Valerio Lucarini Equivalence of Non-Equilibrium Ensembles and Representation of Friction in Turbulent Flows: The Lorenz 96 Model FM 04-14, arxiv: 1404.6638 Sommario

  • James Wright, Michele Bartuccelli, Guido Gentile The effects of time-dependent dissipation on the basins of attraction for the pendulum with oscillating support . FM 03-14; arXiv:1403.4996 Sommario

  • Livia Corsi, Guido Gentile Resonant tori of arbitrary codimension for quasi-periodically forced systems . FM 02-14; arXiv:1403.2872 Sommario

  • Guido Gentile Invariant curves for exact symplectic twist maps of the cylinder with Bryuno rotation numbers . FM 01-14; arXiv:1310.6881 Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti
    Alessandro Giuliani