Lavori collegati al gruppo di Fisica Matematica in cronologia inversa, 2015

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  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Marcello Porta Universality of the Hall conductivity in interacting electron systems . FM 14-15; arXiv:1511.04047 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Ian Jauslin, Elliott H. Lieb A Pfaffian formula for monomer-dimer partition functions . FM 13-15; arXiv:1510.05027 Sommario

  • James Wright, Michele Bartuccelli, Guido Gentile Comparisons between the pendulum with varying length and the pendulum with oscillating support . FM 12-15; Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Robert Seiringer Periodic striped ground states in Ising models with competing interactions. FM 11-15; arXiv:1509.00057 Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Pedro Garrido A hierarchical turbulence model. Comments on Ruelle's intermittency theory. FM 10-15; arXiv:1508.01857 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Ian Jauslin The ground state construction of bilayer graphene. FM 09-15; arXiv:1507.06024 Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti, Ian Jauslin Kondo effect in the hierarchical s-d model. Journal of Statistical Physics, (2015) 161:1231–1235, DOI 10.1007/s10955-015-1370-2, FM 08-15; arXiv:1507.05678 Sommario

  • Michele Bartuccelli, Guido Gentile, James Wright Stable dynamics in forced systems with sufficiently high/low forcing frequency . FM 07-15; arXiv:1506.08012 Sommario

  • Leonardo De Carlo, Guido Gentile, Alessandro Giuliani Construction of the Lyapunov spectrum in a chaotic system displaying phase synchronization. FM 06-15; arXiv:1506.07573 Sommario

  • Giuseppe Benfatto, Giovanni Gallavotti, Ian Jauslin Kondo effect in a fermionic hierarchical model. Journal of Statistical Physics, (2015) 161:1203–1230, DOI 10.1007/s10955-015-1378-7 FM 05-15; arXiv:1506.04381 Sommario

  • Niels Benedikter, Marcello Porta, Chiara Saffirio, Benjamin Schlein From the Hartree dynamics to the Vlasov equation . FM 04-15; arXiv:1502.04230 Sommario

  • Niels Benedikter, Marcello Porta, Benjamin Schlein Effective Evolution Equations from Quantum Dynamics . FM 03-15; arXiv:1502.02498 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Vieri Mastropietro, Fabio Toninelli Height fluctuations in non-integrable classical dimers. FM 02-15; arXiv:1502.02302 Sommario

  • Alessandro Giuliani, Elliott H. Lieb Columnar Phase in Quantum Dimer Models. FM 01-15; arXiv:1502.02254 Sommario

  • Giovanni Gallavotti
    Alessandro Giuliani