Year: 1971

Authors: G.Gallavotti

Title: Boundary Conditions and Correlation Functions in the v-Dimensional Ising Model at Low Temperature
Communication in Mathematical Physics, 23, 275--284, 1971.

Abstract: The boundary condition dependence of the correlation functions in a phase transition region of the thermodynamic parameters is of great importance to understand the character and properties of the phase transition itself. In this paper we study the boundary condition dependence of certain correlation functions in the Ising model at low temperature.

Key words:  Statistical Mechanics, Ising model, Phase transitions, Boundary conditions, Low temperature expansion.

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Commun. math. Phys. 23, 275 284 (1971) by Springer-Verlag 1971 G. GALLAVOTTI Istituto di Matematica, Universita di Roma, Italy Received August 1, 1971 Abstract.