Year: 1971

Authors: G.allavotti, S. Miracle-Sole'

Title Equilibrium States of the Ising Model in the Two-Phase Region: Physical Review, B 5, 2555-2559, 1972,

Abstract: We prove that at low enough temperature all translationally invariant equilibrium states for the Ising ferromagnet are a superposition of only two extremal states, \ie the positively and negatively magnetized pure phases. In particular this proves, at low temperature and in two dimensions, the identity of the spontaneous magnetizatin and the Onsager's value $M_0=(1-(\sinh \b)^-14)^{\fra18}$.

Key words:  Statistical Mechanics, Phase Rule, Thermodynamic Limit, Lattice Gas, Phase Coexistence, Onsager Magnetization, Ising Model

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