Year: 1980

Authors: G.Benfatto, M.Cassandro, G.Gallavotti, F.Nicol\`o, E.Olivieri, E.Presutti, E.Scacciatelli

Title: Ultraviolet Stability in Euclidean Scalar Field Theories
Communication in Mathematical Physics, 71, 95--130, 1980

Abstract: We develop a technique for reducing the problem of the ultraviolet divergences and their removal to a free field problem. This work is an example of a problem to which a rather general method can be applied. It can be thought as an attempt towards a rigorous version (in 2 or 3 space-time dimensions) of the analysis of the structure of the functional integrals developed in [9], the underlying mechanism being essentially the same as in [11,3].

Key words:  Quantum fields, Constructive field theory, Hierarchical models, Ultraviolet stability, Asymptotic freedom, Perturbation theory