• FM 00-1; mp_arc@math.utexas.edu \# 00-15; nlin.CD 0001021 (nlin@xyz.lanl.gov); 13 gennaio 2000
  • Author: Giovanni Gallavotti
  • Title: Fluctuations and entropy driven space--time intermittency in Navier--Stokes fluids
  • Abstract: We analyze the physical meaning of fluctuations of the phase space contraction rate, that we also call entropy creation rate, and its observability in space--time intermittency phenomena. For concreteness we consider a Navier--Stokes fluid.
  • Keywords: Chaos, Turbulence, Fluids, Nonequilibrium, Intermittency
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    Fisica, Universita' di Roma La Sapienza,
    P.le Moro 2,
    00185 Roma,
  • e-mail giovanni.gallavotti@roma1.infn.it
    tel. 6-49914370, fax 6-4957697