FM 2004-1; mp_arc 04-???, cond-mat/ 040????
versione 0.1 27/02/2004

Author: Giovanni Gallavotti

Title: Comments on "On the application of the Gallavotti--Cohen fluctuation relation to thermostatted steady states near equilibrium" by Evans, Searles, Rondoni in cond-mat/0312353 (third resubmission):

Abstract: The various versions of cond-mat/0312353 criticize results obtained by the author and coworkers in the last decade. I have received requests to comment on the paper and the comments are collected here, including some that I tried to point in the course of discussions that can be found in the web page

Key words:  Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, Entropy, Temperature pacs 47.52, 05.45, 47.70, 05.70.L, 05.20, 03.20
APS-PACS:  47.52.+j, 05.45.+b, 05.70.Ln, 47.70.-n

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