The meeting

FPU 50 years since FPU
FPU 50 anni da FPU

will take place at
"The Physics Department of the University of Roma 1 (La Sapienza)"
(Italy) on friday 7- saturday 8 may, 2004.
The program of the meeting is

May 7, Morning (Aula Amaldi)

8:55 AM Opening

9 AM: Antonio Giorgilli: U. Milano 2 (Bicocca)
"Metastable states in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system"

10 AM Luigi Galgani: U. Milano 1
The FPU problem and the classical theory of specific heats

11:30-12 AM: {\it Short Communications} Susanna Terracini, U. Milano Bicocca
"New analytic result about the periodic problem fro FPU-chains"

12:00 AM- 1:30 PM: Programma per gli studenti di Fisica
Una Lezione introduttiva ai problemi della Meccanica Statistica alla luce dell'esperimento di Fermi-Pasta-Ulam
L. Galgani: U. Milano 1
Il problema di Fermi-Pasta-Ulam: un intreccio tra teoria dei sistemi dinamici, fondamenti della meccanica statistica e relazioni tra meccanica classica e meccanica quantistica

Afternoon (Aula Conversi)

2 PM: Gianni Arioli: U. Milano Politecnico
New methods for multi-mode periodic solutions for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model

3 PM Karsten Matthies: Freie U., Berlin
Atomic-scale localization of high-energy solitary waves for Lennard-Jones type interactions

4:00 PM Roberto Artuso: U. dell'Insubria (cioe' Como)
"Weak chaos and anomalous transport"

5:30 PM Communications by participants

5:30 PM Stefano Olla, CEREMADE, Paris
Heat transport and non-equilibrium fluctuations for a chain of oscillators with random interaction.

6:00 PM Antonio Ponno: U. Milano 1
"Scaling laws of the energy cascade in FPU models."

May 8, Morning (Aula Conversi)

9:00 AM: Roberto Livi: U. Firenze
Heat transport and the FPU model

10:00 AM Gero Friesecke: University of Warwick / TU Munich
"Long-time stability of FPU solitary waves and recurrence of Fourier spectrum"

11:15: AM Dario Bambusi: U. Milano 1
Some Local Normal Form Results for FPU Chains in the Thermodynamic Limit

12:15 AM: Short Communications
Yannick Sire: INSA-Toulouse
"Travelling breathers with exponentially small tails in a chain of nonlinear oscillators"

Afternoon (Aula Conversi)

14:30 PM: Stefano Ruffo: U. Firenze
Forced-damped FPU lattices

15:30 PM: Simone Paleari
"Exponentially long times to equipartition and the thermodynamic limit"

16:00 PM Giancarlo Benettin: U. Padova
Preliminary results on a two-dimensional version of the FPU model

17:00 PM: Angelo Vulpiani: U. Roma 1
Diffusion: from stochastic processes to chaos and beyond

Talks: 1 hour each including dicussion; Short Communications .50 hours each (.50=one half).
At least 1 extra hour per day will be reserved for extra talks.

Projectors and other media

1) A laptop for computer assisted talks will be available (unfortunately only working with Windows OS
but equipped with ghostview and xdvi).
2) Also an overhead projector will be available.
3) Furthermore there will be a blackboard with eraser and chalk (unfortunately only white chalk)

Organizing Committee

Giuseppe Benfatto ,
Giancarlo Benettin ,
Giovanni Gallavotti Guido Gentile ,
Antonio Giorgilli ,
Roberto Livi ,
Vieri Mastropietro

Sponsored by the three universities of Roma and by The University of Milano 2 and of Padova: which are gratefully acknowledged.

Some support might be available: but in a really limited form.

Interested participants are invited to register: this is essential for those who wish to present communications or posters as well as for those who apply for support. Due to funds restrictions no secretarial help can be offered and participants will have to book hotels directly by fax, phone or internet. for a list of hotels often used by visitors click HERE

e-mail: FPU meeting