Authors: Vieri Mastropietro  

Title Non-perturbative Adler-Bardeen theorem

Abstract: The Adler-Bardeen theorem has been proved only as a statement valid at all orders in perturbation theory, without any control on the convergence of the series. In this paper we prove a nonperturbative version of the Adler-Bardeen theorem in $d=2$ by using recently developed technical tools in the theory of Grassmann integration. The proof is based on the assumption that the boson propagator decays fast enough for large momenta. If the boson propagator does not decay, as for Thirring contact interactions, the anomaly in the WI is renormalized by higher order contributions.

Key words:  Chiral anomaly, Renormalization group

Vieri Mastropietro
Matematica, Universita' di Roma 2
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00133 Roma, Italia
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