FM 12-2013 (arXiv:1310.5638)

Authors: Vieri Mastropietro

Title: Interacting Weyl semimetals on a lattice

Abstract: We perform an exact Renormalization Group analysis of an interacting Weyl semimetal on a lattice. The existence of a Weyl semimetallic phase, and the absence of quantum instabilities is rigorously proved for interactions not too strong, even arbitrarily close to the boundary of the semimetallic regime, where the Fermi points are merging and the Fermi velocity is vanishing. Relativistic behavior emerges at low energies and the optical conductivity remains equal to the free value, with renormalized velocities replacing by bare ones and up to subdominant corrections.

Keywords: Weyl semimetals, QED_3+1 on a lattice

Vieri Mastropietro
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Milano
Via Saldini, 50, I-20133 Milano - ITALY
e-mail: Vieri DOT Mastropietro AT unimi DOT it