FM 7-16 . arXiv: 1511.05685

Phys. Rev. B 93, 245154 – Published 27 June 2016


Author : Vieri Mastropietro            

Title: Dense gaps in the interacting Aubry-Andre’ mode

Abstract: We consider the interacting Aubry-Andr\'e model describing fermions on a one dimensional lattice with an incommensurate potential and a short range many-body interaction. The single particle spectrum has infinitely many gaps in the extended phase and at zero temperature is an insulator for almost all the chemical potentials. The many body interaction has the effect that the gaps are strongly decreased or increased depending on the attractive or repulsive nature of the interaction, but even the smallest gaps remain open. The system is a band-insulator for generic chemical potentials even in presence of interaction and a quantum phase transition is excluded at weak coupling.

Keywords: Many body localization