Department of Mathematics and Physics (Roma Tre University)

  Seminar of Geometry (Academic year 2019/2020)


                                                                                                       The seminar is usually held every Thursday at 14:30-16:00 in Room 211


Seminars a.a. 2019-20
Speaker Title Date
Gavril Farkas (Humboldt University, Berlin) Green's Conjecture via Koszul modules Thursday 18 September 2019
Sara Torelli (Universita' di Pavia) A non arithmetic approach to the Coleman-Oort conjecture Thursday 10 October 2019
Marta Pieropan (EPFL, Lausanne) On the distribution of Campana points on Fano varieties Thursday 17 October 2019
Marco Andreatta (Universita' di Trento) Effective Adjunction Theory Thursday 17 October 2019

GEOMETRY IN PAIRS Thursday 19 and Friday 20 December 2019
(Palazzo Argiletum, Auletta De Vecchi,
Via della Madonna dei Monti, 40.)

(A conference on the occasion of Sandro Verra's 70th birthday)
26-30 May 2020


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