A joint CIMPA-ICTP research school
Algebraic curves over finite fields
University of the Phillipines Dillman, Manila.
July 22nd - August 2nd 2013


The Institute of Mathematics of the University of the Philippines Diliman is the Philippines' premier mathematical institution. It has the largest number of Ph.D. holders among all mathematics departments in the country and offers the most advanced research program in the country. It offers 6 degree programs (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Professional Master's in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science), Master of Arts in Mathematics and Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics). The Institute also organizes and conducts various higher mathematics training and research workshops at the graduate level with both Philippine and foreign experts in the teaching panels. It has hosted three CIMPA research schools and the recent SEAMS Manila School, which is the first in a series of post-undergraduate mathematical training to be conducted by the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society in developing countries in Southeast Asia. The Institute has also successfully implemented from 2005-2008 an EC-funded Asia Link programme to develop 15 post-baccalaureate courses in applied mathematics and information sciences.