Curriculum Vitae
Valerio Talamanca
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Current position:
Professore a contratto per Istitutizioni di Matematiche II, Dipartimento di Architettura, Università "Roma Tre"
Recent professional experience
Professore a contratto per Istituzioni di Matematiche I,
Facoltà di Architettura,
Università "Roma Tre",
2007-2014 & 2004-2006

Professore a contratto,
Facoltà Scienze Matematiche Fisiche e Naturali,
Università "Roma Tre",
Ph.D in Mathematics,
Brandeis University 1995,
advisor: Prof. Alan L. Mayer

Laurea in Matematica,
Università di Roma "La Sapienza" 1989,
advisor: Prof. Edoardo Sernesi
Editor (with R. Schoof) of the Proceedings of the XXI Journeès Arithmètiques,

Organizer (with F.Pappalardi) of
Leuca2016, Celebrating Michel Waldschmidt's 70th birthday
Postodoc and research positions
Research fellow in Algebra and Geometry,
Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata
, Università di L'Aquila
october 2001 - october 2003
C.N.R. fellowship,
KdV Instituut
, Universiteit van Amsterdam,
october 1998 - october 1999
Research assistant,
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford ,
Arithmetic Geometry network, Contract FMRX-CT96-0006,
may-june 1998
Post-doc Fellowship,
Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, Università di Padova,
april 1996 - april 1998
Severi's Foundation fellow,
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università Roma Tre,
october 1995 - march 1996
INDAM Senior fellow,
Diaprtimento di Matematica, Università Roma Tre,
december 1994 - september 1995

International Cooperation

Member of the scientific committee of the following:

Cimpa-ICTP research school on Lattices and applications to cryptography and coding theory, August 2016, Ho Chi Minh City.

Cimpa-ICTP research school on Algebraic curves over finite fields and applications, July 2013, Manila.