Galois embeddings of abelian varieties and a question raised by Ekedahl-Serre
Robert Auffarth (Universidad de Chile)

For a smooth projective $n$-dimensional variety $X\subseteq\mathbb{P}^N$, let $W$ be a linear subspace of $\mathbb{P}^N$ of dimension $N-n-1$ that is disjoint from $X$ and let $\pi_W:X\to\mathbb{P}^n$ be the linear projection associated to $W$. A natural question to ask is: When does this projection induce a Galois extension of function fields? We will address this question in the case that $X$ is an abelian variety. Moreover, we will relate this discussion to a question asked by Ekedahl and Serre on Jacobian varieties that are isogenous to the product of elliptic curves.

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