Department of Mathematics and Physics (Roma Tre University)

  Seminar of Geometry (Academic year 2018/2019)


                                                                                                       The seminar is usually held every Thursday at 14:30-16:00 in Room 211


Seminars a.a. 2017-18
Speaker Title Date
Roberto Fringuelli (University of Edinburgh) The Brauer group of the universal moduli space of vector bundles over smooth curves Thursday 27 September 2018
Eduardo Esteves (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro) Limit linear series: an approach for all stable curves Thursday 11 October 2018
Lionel Lang (University of Stockholm) About the Severi Problem on toric surfaces Thursday 18 October 2018
Daniele Agostini (Max-Plank Institute fur Mathematik, Leipzig) Discrete Gaussians, theta functions and abelian varieties
(joint seminar Geometry and Probability)
Monday 29 October 2018
15-16:30 (Room 009)
Giulio Codogni (Universita' Roma Tre) Positivity of the Chow-Mumford line bundle for families of K-stable klt Fano varieties Thursday 15 November 2018
Alexandra-Iulia Otiman (Universita' Roma Tre) De Rham and Dolbeault cohomology of Cousin groups and Oeljeklaus-Toma manifolds Thursday 22 November 2018
Matei Toma (Universite' de Lourraine) Moduli spaces of semistable sheaves; an alternative construction method Thursday 29 November 2018
Gerhard Frey (University of Duisburg-Essen) Arithmetic Geometry: Deep Theory, Efficient Algorithms and Surprising Applications
(Colloquium of the Department)
Wednesday 12 December 2018
16-17 (Room F)
Gerhard Frey (University of Duisburg-Essen) Curves over finite fields and cryptography Thursday 13 December 2018

AENEAS CONFERENC: Migrating Algebraic Geometry Thursday 20 and Friday 21 December 2018
(Palazzo Argiletum, Auletta De Vecchi,
Via della Madonna dei Monti, 40.)
Fabrizio Anella (Universita' Roma Tre) Rational curves on elliptic fiber spaces Thursday 17 January 2019
Room 311
Nicolina Istrati (Tel Aviv University) Toric locally conformally Kahler manifolds Thursday 31 January 2019
Omid Amini (Ecole Polytechnique, Parigi) Hybrid topology as a bridge between string theory and quantum field theory Thursday 7 February 2019
Fabrizio Barroero (Universita' di Roma Tre) Some Results on Unlikely Intersections in Semiabelian Schemes Thursday 28 February 2019
Harold Blum (University of Utah) Uniqueness of K-polystable degenerations of Fano varieties Thursday 7 March 2019
Gabriel Dill (University of Basel) Unlikely intersections with isogeny orbits Thursday 14 March 2019
Andrea Fanelli (Versailles, Paris Saclay) Fano varieties, fibrations and pathologies in positive characteristic Thursday 21 March 2019
Marco D'Ambra (Universita' Roma Tor Vergata) Partially ample line bundles and base loci Thursday 28 March 2019
Martin Ulrisch (University of Frankfurt) PRE-TALK: Geometry of tropical curves Thursday 11 April 2019
11:00-13:00 (Room 211)
Martin Ulrisch (University of Frankfurt) What is the fundamental group of a tropical curve? Thursday 11 April 2019
Michele Savarese (Universita' Roma Tre) Coherent sheaves on primitive multiple curves and their moduli
(PhD defense)
Monday 29 April 2019
14:30-15:30 (Room 211)
Oscar Garcia-Prada (ICMAT, Madrid) Higgs bundles and higher Teichmüller spaces Thursday 2 May 2019
Giovanni Cerulli Irelli (Universita La Sapienza) Quiver Grassmannians Thursday 9 May 2019
Alex Kuronya (University of Frankfurt) Effective global generation on manifolds with numerically trivial canonical bundle Thursday 16 May 2019
Claude Le Brun (Stony Brook University) Mass, Scalar Curvature, Kähler Geometry, and All That
Wednesday 22 May 2019
16:00-17:00 (Room M3, Aule nuove)
Claude Le Brun (Stony Brook University) Einstein Metrics, Harmonic Forms, and Conformally Kähler Geometry Thursday 23 May 2019

Conference CALABI-YAU and GEOMETRY 29 May -- 1 June 2019
(Aula 3, Dipartimento di Matematica
Roma La Sapienza)
Miguel Manzano (Universidad de Complutense de Madrid) Compact embedded surfaces with constant mean curvature in S^2 \times R Thursday 4 July 2019


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